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Bernard Nkuyubwatsi

PhD student Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester, UK

PhD student Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester, UK

Mr Bernard Nkuyubwatsi is a Commonwealth scholar funded by the British Government for his PhD study at the University of Leicester. His PhD research focused on opening up higher education with the potential contribution of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Open Educational Resources (OER) and different stakeholders. Bernard (co-)authored several refereed journal articles, conference proceedings articles, reports and other types of peer-reviewed papers on MOOCs, open scholarship and assessment of open learning for credit. His research interest includes opening up higher education, online education/eLearning, distance education, MOOCs, OER, open scholarship, digital scholarship, heutagogy/self-determined learning, transformative research and transformative learning in underprivileged contexts.

Prior to joining the University of Leicester, Bernard Nkuyubwatsi worked for Kigali Health Institute as a faculty and member of the institution’s Admission Board for six years. He had also worked as a teacher at primary and secondary education levels for another six years. Since 2011, Bernard volunteered at Rwanda Education Board, Department of ICT in Education, Open, Distance and eLearning in effort to contribute to opening up higher education in Rwanda. He was also a member of a Task Force and Working Group on the College of Open and Distance Learning.

Besides his professional contribution in Rwanda, Bernard Nkuyubwatsi is a member of the Global Open Educational Resources Graduate Network (GO-GN) since 2013. Bernard also served in the Open Education Working Group Advisory Board in 2014. He also contributed to the review of the GIZ’s eLearning Development and Implementation (eLDI) and tutored two modules in this programme: eLearning Strategy and Management and eLearning Content Development.

Bernard won several awards, including the Fulbright Award (2009-2011) and the Commonwealth Award (2012-2016). He holds master’s degrees in Online and Distance Education from the UK Open University and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Eastern Michigan University. Further details on Bernard Nkuyubwatsi can be found on his University of Leicester web profile: He also tweets @Nkbe1.

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